Why We’re Making A Difference

Blacks, LatinX and Women have been underrepresented in the Technology industry. The TechPACT is working to establish that anyone with a passion for technology has equal opportunity for success on a level playing field.

But, taking The TechPACT Pledge is not just about reducing the digital divide and affording opportunities. It’s about supporting members in the technology community and mentoring those interested in IT and technology, so they have the ability to navigate the opportunities that are presented to them.

The TechPACT’s Goal

Our objective is to reduce the digital divide and pursue representative diversity in technology across all levels. This is a long-term goal with a large number of complex contributing factors to manage, many of which are out of our direct control. However, we will be successful if we see meaningful progress year over year in our own organizations and communities and, ultimately, across the broader technology industry.

We Can Help Corporations Leverage Talent

Change the way your organization thinks about talent!

Not all members of the Technology community have had the opportunity to get a college degree or use the newest systems, but that does not mean they can’t do great things.

The TechPACT supports organizations by helping them better leverage the talent they have through industry knowledge and awareness.

Cradle To Career

The TechPACT will provide support, guidance, and mentorship to technologists in order to help them flourish at all stages in their development.

How You Can Make A Difference 
Act Now!

Take the Pledge

Technologists are invited to take the pledge and stand united with The TechPACT’s mission.

Share The TechPACT's Mission

Members of The TechPACT should be vocal and bold supporters of group’s mission to reduce the digital divide and pursue representative diversity in the technology community.

Support The TechPACT Community

Members of The TechPACT will provide support and guidance to each other.

Recruit Others to Join The TechPACT

Introduce other technologists to The TechPACT and invite them to take the pledge.